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Arrows Emoji Copy & Paste Symbols

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Arrows Emoticons Symbols and Meaning

⬆️ arrow up , up arrow, arrow ,upwards black arrow , cardinal , north , direction - Emoji
↗️ northeast , arrow , intercardinal ,north east arrow , direction , arrow upper right , up right arrow - Emoji
➡️black rightwards arrow , direction , east , arrow right , arrow , cardinal , right arrow - Emoji
↘️ arrow lower right , intercardinal ,south east arrow , southeast, arrow , down right arrow , direction - Emoji
⬇️ cardinal , arrow , arrow down , south, down , direction ,downwards black arrow - Emoji
↙️south west arrow , arrow lower left , direction , arrow , southwest, intercardinal , down left arrow - Emoji
⬅️ cardinal , direction , left arrow ,leftwards black arrow , arrow left , arrow , west - Emoji
↖️ up left arrow, intercardinal , northwest , arrow ,north west arrow , direction , arrow upper left - Emoji
↕️ arrow, arrow up down ,up down arrow - Emoji
↔️left right arrow , arrow - Emoji
↩️ arrow , right arrow curving left,leftwards arrow with hook - Emoji
↪️ left arrow curving right, arrow ,rightwards arrow with hook , arrow right hook - Emoji
⤴️ right arrow curving up,arrow pointing rightwards then curving upwards , arrow heading up , arrow - Emoji
⤵️arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwards , down , right arrow curving down, arrow heading down , arrow - Emoji
🔃 reload, clockwise vertical arrows , arrow , arrows clockwise ,clockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrows , clockwise - Emoji
🔄 withershins, arrows counterclockwise , anticlockwise , counterclockwise arrows button ,anticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrows , arrow , counterclockwise - Emoji
🔀 shuffle tracks button,twisted rightwards arrows , crossed , arrow - Emoji
🔁 clockwise , repeat button, arrow ,clockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows , repeat - Emoji
🔂 arrow , repeat one , clockwise , repeat single button,clockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows with circled one overlay , once - Emoji
▶️ triangle, right , play button , arrow forward , arrow ,black right-pointing triangle , play - Emoji
fast forward button , fast , forward, double , fast forward ,black right-pointing double triangle , arrow - Emoji
◀️black left-pointing triangle , arrow backward , left , reverse button , reverse , arrow , triangle - Emoji
arrow , rewind , fast reverse button,black left-pointing double triangle , double - Emoji
🔼 button , upwards button, red , arrow up small , arrow ,up-pointing small red triangle - Emoji
arrow ,black up-pointing double triangle , fast up button, double , arrow double up - Emoji
🔽 downwards button , button , down , arrow , arrow down small , red,down-pointing small red triangle - Emoji
arrow , double , fast down button,black down-pointing double triangle , down , arrow double down - Emoji

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For example, when we have to express our love to someone, then we send that person a love, heart related emoji. These emojis are a very good way to tell your words without writing in words.

How to combine different category emoticons with Arrows emoji?

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